Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Art Festival Ideasss

for this design, I did a lot of playing around in Illustrator. Im not much of an Illustrator wiz, but I think I'm getting the hang of it! I live traced the hands, and I've been using an outline on the fonts. It's going somewhere!

This is my furthest design for now, still working on it!

I started playing around with my text, after I had decided on a wide latin font. I started putting them into place and came up with this design.

I liked this version better, but still I think the background takes away from the image.

Here is a first attempt, just messing around. I DO like the sheet music in the background, but everything else, not so much.

I started brainstorming and came up with a few ideas, but this Creation of Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was the one that stuck out to me most. I chose a color palette of blues, putting a paintbrush in one hand and a set of drumsticks in the other.

So my initial idea was to do something involving a famous work of art, then incorporate music INTO it, instead of letting the music aspect overpower the art.