Sunday, February 28, 2010

OK IM THERE. I moved around the water and now it almost looks like a pair of skis or the bottom of a bobsled or something. pretty wintery i think. i still felt like it looked to plain so i added in some drop shadows that worked wonders. YAY

i'm liking this better in black and white but its still missing something. i still like the abstract water reference.

I started playing around with the letters and molding them around. I like what I did with the A's because it looks like mountains which Iraq has. they also kind of look like tents to me? Then i got smart with the 98 thing. Too much? oh well.

So for Baghdad I decided I wanted to use ALL CAPS. i just felt like since they don't even have the same alphabet / language / letters as we do, might as well make it easy to read and simple. I wanted to incorporate the river Tigris, which Baghdad sits on. I started out with this Bank Gothic font and tried to put the olypic colors into the font. its a start.